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Workplace stress is real

The World Health Organization declares stress to be the health epidemic of this century. 1/4 of correctional workers could meet the criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD, and the average staff experiences 28 critical incidents over a career. Not surprisingly, burnout is much higher in corrections than in the work world in general.


Prevention Focused

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How will you inoculate your
staff against stress & burnout?

Absenteeism, presenteeism, disability leave and low morale: They hurt the workplace;
they hurt staff.

What is strength corrections?

STaff REsiliency aNd GrowTH (STRENGTH) in Corrections is a practical and straight forward training solution that uses advanced psychological techniques (without the requirement of a mental health professional). Enhancing skills required to effectively cope in a stressful environment, prevent burnout, and save significant employer-related costs. STRENGTH IS PREVENTION THROUGH TRAINING.

What is Resiliency?

Resiliency is a psychological term that refers to an individual’s ability to recover from difficulties. In corrections, it is an individual’s ability to return to baseline after a stressful or traumatic event. Every individual responds to stress differently and therefore, has different resilience.

Why strength in corrections?

STRENGTH in Corrections is different. It is the only resiliency program that combines scientifically proven methods with examples and challenge scenarios specific to prison and law enforcement personnel. STRENGTH filters out harmful mental habits and teaches healthy ways to tackle workplace difficulties. Let STRENGTH help your employees build resiliency together, so everybody can get back to functioning – even thriving – at work.

STRENGTH is delivered to an entire cohort so there’s no personal stigma. And privacy is key in all training sessions and meetings.

STRENGTH is convenient. We know how difficult it is to get staff together in one room. Developing practical skills in 11 key areas of interpersonal functioning, STRENGTH builds both resilient individuals & vigorous support networks via self-paced, On-Demand training videos.

One day’s training for all your staff. Plus, one more day for a small subset of STRENGTH Champions, so they can lead STRENGTH meetings and help other staff act on their resiliency plans. Manuals and exercises are included for ongoing use.

STRENGTH meetings can happen in briefing rooms or lunch rooms and can fit easily into natural breaks in the workday. Compatible with all EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offerings.

Individuals and teams continue their progress with skills practice, exercises, and meetings that ingrain STRENGTH concepts into the very fabric of your staff experience.

STRENGTH helps with current problems and instills the resiliency to approach future challenges calmly & with clarity, “inoculating” employees against feeling overwhelmed.

Your Smart Strategy

STRENGTH is the only resiliency program based on RE & CBT (Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

What does STRENGTH consist of?

The program consists of a suite of tools.
Each tool has its own manuals, exercises, presentations, and handouts available online:

All purchases include access to the Program and User Guide up to 1 year post-training!

STRENGTH in Corrections Orientation (For Senior Staff)

STRENGTH in Corrections Training (For all Staff)

STRENGTH in Corrections User guide
Resislient Lifestyle Toolkit

STRENGTH in Corrections Champions Training (For Champion Facilitators)

STRENGTH in Corrections in Crisis Training (For all Staff)

Facilitated by STRENGTH in Corrections Champions

How to deploy STRENGTH

Prepare list of

Purchase training suite
based on size of your

Senior Staff

General Staff

Identify 3+


How to Purchase

Customize your program based on your organization’s size.

All purchases include access to the Program and User Guide up to 1 yeat post-training

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


  • Adoption of STRENGTH starts at the top. The Senior Staff Orientation summarizes the STRENGTH Corrections program’s origins, the intent of the program, its proper usage and the caveats that senior staff and managers need to embody to ensure the implementation of STRENGTH is successful


  • Teaches staff how to use STRENGTH to prevent & repair any distress or burnout that staff experience at work
  • They’ll be able to use STRENGTH either in a group or on their own


  • To become a Champion, volunteers must have first successfully completed the STRENGTH General Staff Training
  • Without the “Champion” role, there is no STRENGTH.
  • Your workplace Champions will advocate for your staff & ensure that STRENGTH is interwoven into the fabric of your department’s culture.

The Expert Behind STRENGTH

Dr. Bill Winogron is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in both general and correctional psychology. He is the lead developer of the STRENGTH Corrections Resiliency Program.
Dr. Winogron has authored several internationally successful treatment, training, and education programs in psychology over the last decade. He has trained hundreds of therapists and graduate students and has delivered thousands of client sessions using cognitive behavioral therapies. He has achieved “Approved Supervisor” & “Associate Fellowship” status at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York, N.Y. and is Co-Director at the “Centre for Rational & Cognitive Therapies”.

STRENGTH is absolutely appropriate for a correctional setting.
… a correctional setting will always be a difficult work environment by the very nature of the task at hand. This is what also can make it a rewarding occupation if you have the tools at hand to support yourself in your role. This is exactly what STRENGTH can help provide.
Dr. Winogron is a charismatic and engaging trainer. He has the skills and experience to explain the concepts at a level someone without a mental health background can understand and apply, and he can successfully address resistance encountered from his trainees.
Particularly during the pandemic, STRENGTH was a resource that was readily used by myself and my department to support each other and themselves during a time of exceptional stress. I believe the results were positive, and brought my team closer together.
I think STRENGTH is relevant to all aspects of daily life, and is definitely applicable to work life, where we often have the least amount of control over the circumstances we are dealing with.
[Is STRENGTH a worthwhile addition to other wellness offerings in your workplace?] Absolutely.

(Regional) Chief, Mental Health Services, Correctional Services Canada

The training was interactive and easy to understand.
I believe that the approach has been a good reminder for me of how to remain resilient in a challenging environment.
I find it helpful to remember in an environment where it may not feel like I have much control, I do have a choice over how I frame things and how I think about them.

Anonymous reviewer, Correctional Service Canada

My training experience with Dr. Winogron was excellent and informative.
Using STRENGTH has had an impact on my Personal work experience and collective work experience.

Anonymous reviewer, Correctional Service Canada

STRENGTH operates from easy-to-understand principles and is easy to work with.
The training experiences was great. The facilitators of the training were very knowledgeable in the area. I would recommend this training for everyone within Corrections. I specifically enjoyed the STRENGTH training for Champions as it provided an in depth look into how we can facilitate STRENGTH in a correctional environment.
STRENGTH has been beneficial for both my personal and collective work experience. When practicing STRENGTH regularly, I have noticed increased productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.
… I have noticed a significant reduction in stress within myself and amongst my colleagues since commencing the STRENGTH program.

MSW, Registered S.W., Clinical Social Worker, Correctional Service Canada

… the associated principles and theories have been compiled in a way that is easy to understand and work with, for both facilitators and participants. The quality of my in-person training experience was fantastic.
As a STRENGTH Champion, I find the flexibly and simplicity of the program most helpful. This allows STRENGTH to be applied easily and broadly to various challenges within our workplace.
I also feel the flexibility of STRENGTH ensures it’s relevance to a wide range of professions within CSC.
STRENGTH has reduced my stress, both in the workplace and in my personal life.
I believe there is potential for STRENGTH to hold a place of great value within my workplace.

Behavioural Science Technician, Correctional Service Canada n

The STRENGTH program is appropriate for a correctional setting. It provides the opportunity to engage in the material in large or small groups, and is portable for impromptu sessions with colleagues when discussing stressors or workday challenges.
The STRENGTH program is very easy to understand. The booklets provide a guided breakdown of each category and how to handle emotions brought on by stressful workplace environments and experiences.
The quality of my training experience with the STRENGTH program was excellent… and discussed all required topics for successful independent implementation.
STRENGTH has been an effective component of my personal and collective work experience. I have utilized the model personally when dealing with challenging situations/emotions and have guided my colleagues through the STRENGTH process to challenge their thinking and bring about positive changes in the workplace.
The simplistic manner in which the program is designed. This makes implementation much less challenging, and enables STRENGTH champions to provide the material without overcomplicating the process.
The skills taught in STRENGTH have been relevant to my daily work life. It has brought about a change in my thinking and typically resolves issues I experience without stress or the heightening of my emotions. … STRENGTH program has been beneficial in my everyday workplace life.
The STRENGTH program has reduced workplace stress for myself and colleagues.
STRENGTH is a worthwhile addition to other wellness offerings in the workplace. In combination with other available services… the STRENGTH program provides a beautiful compliment to already existing services available for staff members to engage with.

• Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker; Corrections Canada