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An Introduction to Developmental Delays and Their Impact on Learning and Behavior
Ancient Ethics for Today's Healers
Creating Sexually Safer Congregations
Creative and Effective Use of the “Who Am I” Workbooks in Adult Treatment
Developmental Perspectives in Understanding Problematic Sexual Behaviors
Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention
Family Reunification after Child Sexual Abuse
FASD and the Criminal Justice System: A Review for Forensic Professionals
Female Adolescent Case Consultation
Forward-Focused Treatment Program: Developmentally-Informed Treatment for Juvenile Offenders
Gaming Systems & Problematic Sexual Behaviors
Group Therapy with Sexual Abusers: Engage the Potential of the Group
Impact of Pornography on Children Youth and Culture
Juvenile Sex Offender Registration and Notification
Male Adolescent Case Consultation
Pathways 4th Edition: An Introduction to Using Pathways with Adolescents with Sexual Behavior Problems
Pornography Use in Adolescents with Problematic Sexual Behavior
Promoting Sex-Wise Parenting
Putting Prevention in the Hands of Youth Serving Organizations
Risk of Sexual Abuse of Children (ROSAC)
Sex Offender Risk Assessment: A Case Law Review
Supporting Families of Children and Adolescents with Problematic Sexual Behavior
Sustaining Trauma-Informed Care in a Punitive World
The Value of Protective Factors for SVP Programs
Updating Psychotherapeutic Practices with Ancient Indigenous Wisdom
Using Stages Accomplishment Workbooks in Treatment
Very Different Voices: Celebrating the Diversity of Perspective in Sexual Violence Prevention
Youth Firesetting: Clinical and Forensic Considerations
Key Ethical Principles in Sex Offender Assessment
Advancing Understanding of Risk Assessment & Statistics Measuring Its Accuracy
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing with Sexual Offenders
Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders: Approaches to Assessment and Management
Addressing Ethical Dilemmas with Sex Offenders
Internet Sex Offenders: What You Need to Know
Six Key Strategies for Therapeutic Engagement with Sex Offenders
Female Sexual Offenders: Who Are They and How Do We Treat Them?
International Approaches to Sex Offender Management
Overview of Risk Assessment for Sexually Abusive Youth
40 Clinical Biases in Forensic Assessment
Evidence-Based Approaches to Domestic Violence Risk Assessment
The History of Violence Risk Assessment
Pyschopathy and Violence Risk Assessment
Forensic Risk Assessment: How Are We Doing and Where Are We Going?
Implementing a Forensic Risk Assessment Tool into a Mental Health Setting