Automatic Reporting

With G.E.A.R.S.’s Automatic Reporting feature, you no longer need to spend hours creating a comprehensive report on your risk assessment results. With the click of a mouse, you can create a custom report with options to include:

• An overview of the risk assessment tool you administered
• Item-by-item descriptions of risk factors and explanations as to why the evaluee received the scores he/she did
• General and item-level clinical notes you made during your assessment
• Probabilistic estimates of recidivism, percentiles, and risk ratios across reference samples
• A bibliography of peer-reviewed research on the administered tool

With the ability to generate as many versions of a report as you wish, you can target reports to the stakeholder group(s) to which they will be submitted. In addition, you can export your reports in an easily modifiable and graphically-designed Microsoft Word document. You can even manually edit the automatically-generated custom reports if needed.